Precision Hardware

  • Precision Hardward Strategy
    Bringing that Competitive Edge

    INTAI is the market solutions leader for your Precision Hardware needs. We offer you the broadest level of integrated services from initial design and engineering to techniques and materials used for product assembly. INTAI’s Precision Hardware business unit has established a set of standards and utilized local craftsmanship to combine tradition and technology. We support the industries such as automotive, aerospace, home security, construction, and furniture.

    Value Proposition
    • Provide cost-effective solutions
    • Become the best in the business
    • Be more proactive in implementing the latest technology
    • Expand and manage the supplier base

    We provide components that are guaranteed to meet IFI/DIN standards and FQA (Fastener Quality Act) compliances. We provide an unrivaled service that stands for quality, reliability, and performance.

    We offer:
    • Blanket Orders
    • Expedited Deliveries
    • Complete Certification
    • Poly-bagging Packing
    • Expedited Deliveries
    • Split Shipments
    • Hardware Kits
    • Bin Stocking & Inventory Management

    You specify your demand, and INTAI delivers as promised. You can count on us for the following services.

    • Design Consultation
    • In-house and Supplier Resources
    • Pilot Run & Prototyping Order
    • Stocking Programs