SFR - Stress Free Recessing

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    Beyond Precision Machining

    Stress Free Recessing or SFR in short, is an advanced version of electrochemical machining process. SFR, a registered trademark of INTAI, is especially effective for all metallic parts that cannot be manufactured feasibly using conventional manufacturing processes. It is also a realistic choice to perform SFR on parts achievable by conventional processes due to its flexibility.

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      Advantages and Benefits
    • Cost Effective
    • - Complex machinery in one SINGLE step

      - Rough cut, fine cut & polishing performed in ONE process

    • High Yield
    • - Multi-cavity tool to achieve high output in a timely fashion

      - Unsurpassed surface finish eliminating reworking

    • Greater Design Freedom
    • - Suitable for ALL metallic material

      - Works well on thin walled structures and complicated design

    • Non-contact Low Temperature Advanced Machining
    • - Stress free and burr free.

      - Un-changing component grain structure

    Contact-free & Cold Process
    Finishing (Ra) 0.02 ~ 0.05 µm
    Blind Hole (Ra) 400nm
    Accuracy ± 2 - 5 μm tolerance
    Wall Thickness >0.03mm
    Speed 100X faster than EDM
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    Advanced Engineering, Boundless Usage

    This innovative technology has been widespread and applied for polishing metal surfaces, de-burring and cavity-sinking metal components in various production areas.

    High reproduction accuracy makes it possible to manufacture significant smaller structures, various shapes, drilled holes, blades, channels, cavities and structured surfaces with high specification requirements in all metals. It is capable of producing both rough and extremely complex structures concurrently.

    Broad range of applications are offered:
    • Medical Industry:Anvils, Channels, Tubes, Jaws, Blades Sharpening, Orthopedic and Dental Implants
    • Automobile Construction:Gears, Carburetors, Diesel nozzles
    • Aerospace:Turbine blades, Vanes
    • Fuel Cells:Polar plates, Compressors
    • Clock Industry:Micro components
    • Miniaturization of components… …and many other areas