Project Management

Transparent, In-depth, Cost-driven
  • PMP-certified Single Source of Contact
  • Transparent Project Planning & Administration
  • 6-sigma Knowledge Implemented
  • Cost-driven and Result-oriented Team
  • In-depth and Comprehensive Analysis
  • Close Customer Involvement

Our work starts at the moment when you approach us with a set of detailed requirements, a desirable outcome, and preferred time-frame in mind. When your concept is feasible, we will then present you a budgetary plan, critical path, deliverables, and estimated lead-time for your review and approval. Once the project is given a green light, a dedicated project manager is then assigned and responsible for a regular review process to align objectives among cross functional team members.

To best manage the project, a project manager coordinates resources in a timely manner and keeps track of the progress. Furthermore, each project team member is Project Management Professional (PMP) trained with strong 6-sigma working knowledge, resulting in efficient communication and timely deliverables. Our international teams strive to minimize cultural and geographic challenges, making sure you always stay involved with team activities, guaranteeing a successful outcome.